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TV Chick Interview with Matt Davis.
TV Chick interview with Sara Canning.
Boston Herald Interview with Michael Trevino.
Zap2it Interview with Nina Dobrev.
PopWrap interview with Katerina Graham.

Michael Trevino & Katerina Graham At EW Pre-SAG Party


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Michael Trevino Interview with Zap2it


They are everywhere – Interviews!!!
So putting them all in one post for you guys.Just click on the links to check them out.
Enjoy the glory of our VD stars!!!

Caution SPOILERS all over the place!

TV Chick interview with Ian Somerhalder.
TV Chick Interview with Julie Plec.
TV Guide interview with Michaela McManus and Julie Plec.
TV Squad Interview with Michael Trevino.
TV Line Interview with Michael Trevino.
LA Times Interview with Michael Trevino.
Collider Interview with Kevin Williamson.
IGN interview with Candice Accola.
MTV interview with Michaela McManus.

Nina Dobrev with CW Source


Michael on KTLA Morning News


Nina Dobrev & Candice Accola with TV Squad

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Gotta a couple interviews here for ya with Michael.

Warning he dishes out some scoop on what is coming up.

Check out what he has to say at EW.

Check him out at E! too.

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Oh, I love it!

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This is a behind the scenes picture from an upcoming episode tweeted by the CW’s Judy Yam.

Don’t the boys look amazing!!!!!!!

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The Futon Critic has an interview with Julie Plec, Candice Accola and Michael Trevino.

Check it all out here.

Here is an excerpt:

Jim Halterman: Julie, with the changes for Caroline and Tyler, the addition of the evil Katherine and other new characters, can you talk about making those changes and not shaking things up too much?

Julie Plec: Instinctively, we really believed that turning Caroline into a vampire was a good move and it could have been a good move that people didn’t like but as storytellers we just knew that it was a great move for her character. Tyler, we always knew this was his journey. It just took us a season before we could get it started. Michael is wonderful. He’s smart, he’s committed, he’s passionate about this role and the work he has to do to really deliver and it’s really been a pleasure to give him storylines this year where he can show off his skills.


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