Cast & Characters

Learn more about the Vampire Diaires characters and the actors who portray them. Each character and actor has a short bio and multiple pictures that you can use on profiles, blogs, and forums.

Alaric Saltzman – Matthew Davis

Alaric Saltzman is a vampire hunter who came to Mystic Falls looking for his wife’s killer who eventual becomes an ally to the Salvatore brothers. In season 3, due to some witchy intervention, Alaric becomes a vampire whose soul purpose is to eliminate other vampires. His life is tied to Elena’s though and when Elena […]

Anna – Malese Jow

Anna was a vampire from Mystic Falls from the time Stefan and Damon were turned. Her mother was Pearl a friend of Katherine’s. She came back to Mystic Falls to free her mother from the tomb she was trapped in in 1864. She starts dating Elena’s brother Jeremy. Anna is killed during Founder’s Day in […]

Bonnie Bennett – Katerina Graham

Bonnie Bennett is the best friend of Elena. Since the Salvatore brothers showed up in town her friendship with Elena and life in general has been turned upside down. She has become a very powerful witch. Katerina Graham plays Bonnie. She has been a background dancer for Lil’ Bow Wow,Missy Elliott, Pharrell, Jamie Foxx, and […]

Carol Lockwood – Susan Walters

Carol Lockwood is the mother of Tyler. She is the Mayor of Mystic Falls. She is also a member of The Founder’s Council and knows about all the supernatural beings in town. Susan Walters plays Carol. She spent almost 10 years on The Young and the Restless playing Diane Jenkins. She has been on a […]

Caroline Forbes – Candice Accola

Caroline Forbes is friends with Bonnie and Elena. She is also trying to find love and is dating Matt. Caroline is just trying to find her place in the world. Caroline is turned into a vampire by Katherine and still struggling. She ends her relationship with Matt because it is too complicated and starts dating […]

Damon Salvatore – Ian Somerhalder

Damon is the brother of Stefan, and both are vampires. He is handsome and charming, but has a very dark side. Unlike his younger brother, Damon enjoys violence and brutality and takes great pleasure in being evil and wreaking havoc. Damon is also in love with Elena, who is with Stefan. So he has been […]

Dr. Meredith Fell – Torrey DeVitto

Meredith Fell is a member of the Founding Families of Mystic Falls. She becomes a doctor and returns to town. She is a member of the Founder’s Council that are aware of supernatural beings present in Mystic Falls. She secretly uses vampire blood to help patients in her hospital. She becomes involved with Alaric and […]

Elena Gilbert – Nina Dobrev

Elena was a typical high school student till Stefan and Damon came to town. She is in love with Stefan, but is also drawn to Damon. After one traumatic event after another it all ends with Elena being turned into a vampire. Nina Dobrev also plays Katherine Pierce on the show. Katherine is the vampire […]

Elijah – Daniel Gillies

Elijah is an original vampire and brother to Klaus and Rebekah. He has made alliances with the Salvatore brothers and Elena in the past and helped them. He has also worked against them though. Elijah is not quite evil, but make no mistake he is also not a saint. Elijah is played by Daniel Gillies. […]

Jenna Somers – Sara Canning

Jenna is the aunt of Elena and Jeremy and takes them in after their parents death. She is a sexy and smart graduate student working on her thesis. She has always been the cool and fun aunt and now finds the transition to responsible authority figure a bit of a challenge. She and Alaric started […]

Jeremy Gilbert – Steven R. McQueen

Jeremy Gilbert is the brother of Elena. He has had a troubled path in life following one tragedy or drama after another. He falls in love with Vicki and Anna, both Vampires, but both die. He also dated Bonnie, but they broke up. At the end of season 2 Jeremy dies and is brought back […]

Klaus – Joseph Morgan

Klaus is one of the Original Vampires. If that didn’t make him tough enough he is also a hybrid! His mother was a vampire and his father a werewolf. He is able to make his own hybrids as a result of a ritual he performed. He is obsessed with Elena and is constantly trying to […]

Matt Donovan – Zach Roerig

Matt is the handsome jock of the school. He is easy going, friendly and always trying to do the right thing. Once upon a time he dated Elena and Caroline, but now they are just friends. He has just recently found out about all the supernatural beings in Mystic Falls. At the end of season […]

Rebekah – Claire Holt

Rebekah is an original vampire. She is the sister of Klaus and Elijah. Rebekah is played by Claire Holt. She has also starred in the TV series Pretty Little Liars and H2O: Just Add Water. Birthday: June 11, 1988 Claire Holt on Twitter

Sheriff Liz Forbes – Marguerite MacIntyre

Liz Forbes is the Sheriff of Mystic Falls. Her daughter is Caroline. She is a member of the Founder’s Council that are aware of supernatural beings present in Mystic Falls. Marguerite MacIntyre plays Sheriff Liz Forbes. She has appeared in many tv shows including Kyle XY, The Days and The Shield. Birthday: May 11, 1965

Stefan Salvatore – Paul Wesley

Stefan is a 200 year old vampire and brother of Damon. He is in love with Elena and they have an on again off again relationship. Stefan does everything he can to protect Elena. Paul Wesley Paul Wesley potrays Stefan Salvatore on Vampire Diaries. Born and raised in New Jersey, Paul has been interested in […]

Tyler Lockwood – Michael Trevino

Tyler is a hybrid, half vampire/half werewolf. He was a werewolf from a family curse and Klaus made him a hybrid. He is in a relationship with Caroline. At the end of season 3 Bonnie performed a spell that put Klaus’s soul in Tyler’s body. Guess we will have to see what that leads to […]

Vicki Donovan – Kayla Ewell

Vicki is Matt’s sister and Tyler’s girlfriend, even though she hooked up with Jeremy repeatedly over the summer. She has a very low self esteem and thinks the only reason a man wants to be with her is for her body. Because of these problems she constantly pops pills and smokes pot. Vicki now ignores […]