Scoop from TV Line:

Sources close to VD confirm to TVLine exclusively that Tyler’s (Michael Trevino) werewolf pal will resurface in Mystic Falls at some point before the end of the season. No word on how long she’ll stick around this time, but we’re told Jules’ reappearance will coincide with the town’s next full moon.

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The TV Chick has an interview with .

Check it all out here.

Here is an excerpt:

I know you can’t spoil anything but can you tease a little bit about what we might see when Jules comes back into the picture, whether it be in Mystic Falls or elsewhere?

To be honest with you, I actually have no idea, because I only shot up until that point. I’m really curious. I don’t know if she’s coming back or what happens if she does. So I’m truly on the edge of my seat like everyone else.

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Caution SPOILERS all over the place!

TV Chick interview with Ian Somerhalder.
TV Chick Interview with Julie Plec.
TV Guide interview with Michaela McManus and Julie Plec.
TV Squad Interview with Michael Trevino.
TV Line Interview with Michael Trevino.
LA Times Interview with Michael Trevino.
Collider Interview with Kevin Williamson.
IGN interview with Candice Accola.
MTV interview with Michaela McManus.

Nina Dobrev with CW Source


Michael on KTLA Morning News


Nina Dobrev & Candice Accola with TV Squad

The EW has an interview with Michaela McManus.

Check it all out here.

Here is an excerpt: SPOILERS

Asked if she’s gotten to film a transformation scene yet, she says she’s shot a partial one: “Coming out of it is what I filmed. When they turn, they transform into this beast, and the morning after, it’s discovering what happened last night. It’s kind of like blacking out when they turn. They’re not necessarily conscious of what they’re doing.” For the first time in her career, McManus is doing stunt work and she’s loving it. “Jules gets pretty physical, and I think people will be impressed with her skills,” she says. “[The show] is doing a lot more action. It’s something to tune in for.”

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Movieline has the scoop on the Vampire Diaries newest cast member:

The actress will play Jules, a friend of Mason Lockwood’s who comes to Mystic Falls looking for the MIA werebeast (little does she know he got his heart ripped out by Damon two weeks ago).

A few more details here.

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