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WetPaint has an interview with Michael Trevino.

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Here is an excerpt: SPOILERS

Wetpaint: Well, the big day is coming for Tyler Lockwood in “By the Light of the Moon.” We saw on Twitter that you basically said, “a vampire transformation is nothing compared to a werewolf transformation.” What did you mean by that?

Michael Trevino: I’m not necessarily talking about make up or any of the special effects stuff. I’m really just talking about the whole thing. The whole transformation and what you have to go through having the curse of the werewolf as opposed to being a vampire and having to vamp out.

WP: Do you mean because vampires have more control over what they do?

MT: I’m just saying that, in my opinion, a werewolf transformation would be a lot more painful. It’s just a lot more graphic and gruesome compared to the first time a vampire turns. Let’s say, for example, when Caroline first turned she had the scene in the restroom where her teeth were coming out and it’s painful because her fangs are coming in for the first time. I get that. But let’s multiply that by 100. It’s your whole body morphing. Bones breaking and everything. That’s what a werewolf has to go through.

Are you all as excited as I am about seeing Tyler Transform?
I Can’t Wait!!!!

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The EW has an interview with Michael Trevino.

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Here is an excerpt:


I thought the amber eyes tonight looked great. I’m excited to see you go werewolf.
Yeah, I paused it, because I was watching it on my DVR, and I was like, “Good.” Because the eyes were different from Mason’s — just a little. That I like. When we actually do the fuller transformation, I’m looking forward to seeing what my wolf looks like. It’ll be subtle, but just a little different from Mason’s.


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