Daniel Gillies talks with TV Fanatic about his new show premiering Thursday night on NBC at 9 pm called Saving Hope.

I really hope we see Elijah again on The Vampire Diaries.

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Below is an excerpt:

Saving Hope stars Gillies as Dr. Joel Goran, an orthopedic surgeon who takes a pay cut to work at Hope-Zion hospital, ostensibly to study stem cell research, but possibly to rekindle his romance with Erica Durance’s Alex Reid.

“There’s a grey region regarding his motives,” Gillies teased. “He’s not there making tons of dough and we suspect he still has feelings for Alex, but…”

… Dr. Charlie Harris (Michael Shanks) gets struck by a car on the premiere and falls into a coma, leaving Joel’s chances for romance with Alex “anywhere between zero and fuck all,” Gillies laughed.

As made clear in this Saving Hope promo, Harris proceeds to roam the halls of the hospital as an apparition of some kind, adding a mystical element to the series that Gillies describes as a “Greek chorus.”

I have a feeling we are gonna have a lot of interviews with the cast over the next couple days since the season finale is Thursday. To check out the interviews just click on the links below.

Caution though:
They are full of scoop, spoilers and things you might not want to know if you want to be surprised!!!

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Daniel has really been making the rounds in the last week with the interviews.

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TV Fanatic has an interview with Daniel Gillies.

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For awhile now, Gillies said he was “pretty confident” he’d return to Mystic Falls, expressing shock and gratitude for the fans’ reaction to Elijah.

“The character just grew in popularity, more so than I ever expected him to,” said the actor. “I’ve died four times and been resurrected four times. It’s great.”

So now that Elijah is back in the suspense-filled picture, what can we expect from him? How does he view the brother who recently placed him, once again, in “the big sleep,” as Gillies referred to his dormant state?

“They’re gonna have to put aside their differences,” the star said. “Let’s face it, both of us have betrayed the other in some way, Klaus obviously more prolifically than Elijah, but Elijah has done his fair share, as well.”

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