Candice Accola Interview With Alloy Entertainment

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  1. Wolfgirl2001 says:

    I love Candice and her character Caroline!!! I like her with Tyler not Klaus! Besisdes Klaus is too old for her! Like in that one episode when Klaus was there to heal here and he was giving her that speech literally the first thing that popped into my head was seesh gramps can you get any more old or boring?! Sorry but that’s what came up! =/ Anyway can’t wait for season 4!!!! 8D

  2. Wolfgirl2001 says:

    Hahaha okay now that I think about how I called Klaus gramps I thought of that joke in that Scoody Doo episode where Shaggy calls that vampire Gramp the Vamp! Klaus’s new nickname! Lol! Ok yeah I know that a lame joke. =/

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