CW Video: Daniel Gillies Interview

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  1. Wolfgirl2001 says:

    I love Elijha’s character so much! H’es awesome and Daniel Gillies birngs that character to life so well I don’t think anyone else could possibly pull it off. One of the reasons why I love Eljha so much is thta fact that he’s an old vampire he has class and degnity and even though he’s been through alot considering his age he stil makes some mistakes and he very respectful. Also it takes alot to get him angry. I personally love the older vampire like him becausethey’re just awesome that’s why Carlisle from Twilight and Marius from Queen of the Damned (NOT THE ONE WITH TOM CRUSE!) Especially Marius I don’t know what it is but these 3 characters are very cool to me.

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