Nina Dobrev Interview

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  1. Vampire Girl says:

    Damon and elena are better off as friends. Damon needs his own girl who hasnt been taking by his brother and only has room in her heart for him

  2. Wahinetoa says:

    Agree completely with VampireGirl on this. They’re better off as friends – even close friends later on. Damon deserves to come first, not second best.

  3. brenda says:

    HEELLL YES that is my motto I WANT DAMON 2 B WITH A GIRL THAT WILLL CHOSE HIM FIRST and i want a girl who is pretttier than elena, who is WAYYY COOOLER AND POWERFULLL so damon and elena can rule THIS MF WORLD and be the king and queennn

    ELENA CAN GO TO FREAKING STEFAN she wont be happy I DONT IGVE A DAM ABOUT THEM i just want DAMON 2B HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ElenaSalvatore says:

    I want Elena to be with Damon!!! >.< Damon will only love one woman and thats Elena! I can guarantee that if he wasnt inlove with Elena he wouldve probably fallen inlove with Rose but look how that turned out. I don't really mind that Elena's with Stefan as long as she admits to Damon that she loves him too or something like that. Damon needs to hear her say something like that to him. I think it'd mend his confused and broken heart </3 DELENA FOREVER!!!!!

  5. tessa says:

    The only real story here is Elena and Damon. So of course they are the two that should be lovers and share a future, they strengthen each other, no other couple has that amazing chemistry and that incredible depth. Indulge Elena.

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