Vampire Diaries Fan Art

7 Responses to “Vampire Diaries Fan Art”


  1. Lena says:

    This picture is rather creeepy and disturbingg. Elena looks naked, btw.

  2. Wahinetoa says:

    The art is beautiful. Elena or Katherine given her state of undress and deathly pale. Still, I wish I had the sweet skills of the artist!

  3. vd rox!! says:

    What? This is how the picture really looks. Have you seen it? And yeah I like it too, this person is a really good artist.

  4. brenda says:

    i HATE this picture

    i only want damon n elena together like this BUT STEFAN CAN GO SOMEWHERE EELSE

  5. Vampire Girl says:

    Your good at drawing..but the pic dont look right

  6. vd rox!! says:

    If you go to Google there is a picture like this of only Elena/Katherine and Damon

  7. KimKat says:

    I sooooooooo wanna be her!!!!

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