Vampire Diaries Fan Art

8 Responses to “Vampire Diaries Fan Art”


  1. Annie/Dani says:

    looks nothing like elena but i really like it

  2. Mangija says:

    I think it’s Bonnie not Elena!

  3. Mehreen says:

    awesome fan art…loved it…!

  4. Vampire Girl says:

    Yeah that bonnie. Love the art you are really good.

  5. Kacci says:

    the drawing is great! But Damon and Bonnie look so awkward together! lol I think the Damon and Bonnie in the BOOKS seem better together…in my mind lol

  6. # 1 vampire diaries fan!! says:


  7. kathy says:

    ur great

  8. lIA says:

    Amazing….I am a big no HUGE fan of BAMON

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