Who Will Die on the Season Finale?

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  1. Jessica says:

    I would really like it to be John, just b/c I love all the other characters so much it would be SO sad to see them go

  2. Erica says:

    I think that it will be either Alaric or John, i just hope that it’s not Damon or Stefan.

  3. allsmiles says:

    I think it’s going to be anna even though i dont want it to be but i read in an article that her and jeremy dont work out so maybe she dies or i dont know just a hunch

  4. marmdullet says:

    STEFAN!!!!! I HATE HIM!!!

  5. NeverNoticing says:

    John! I’ve got nothing against him but, I’d rather see him go than any other character. Alaric is one of my fave people on here, I’d die if they would think about killing him off! (And I would go Crazy on some one if they were to kill off Damon! Love him to death :D )

  6. Alexandra says:

    Suppose Bonnie should die because she’s been such a bitch in last episodes. She’s gonna pay the price for her betrayal!

  7. Jem Cullen says:

    i think it mite b anna or john. but i hope its bonnie as i dnt like her. they cnt kill elena, stefan and damon since the show is about them and they have said its not alaric or tyler.

  8. damon says:

    I hope its either john or bonnie. bonnie has been so mean the last episodes! and i also just hate john.

  9. Jessica says:

    i think it should be bonnie. she straight up lied to her bff and acted ike she done nothing wrong. i kow she has a gridge towards stefan and damon but u dont lie to your best friend. if not bonnie then john. i think hes a POS. but that’s my opinion.

  10. SweetDamon says:

    i think john will die!!! maybe anna. but i don’t want her to die!
    i want bonnie to die but she is also a main character, i think! i mean, she’s a witch and so she could be important in the future, or not?? Damon, elena and stefan can’t die, it’s impossible. i can’t wait for thursday!!! :)
    i hope there are a lot of scenes with damon and elena!!! TEAM DELENA!!!!

  11. felicia says:

    I think it’s Elena because in the book she goes off the bridge during the founders day parade…She is suppose to have Damon’s blood in her and when she drowns she comes back as a vampire!

  12. kayleigh says:

    I think that john is going to die.It would be really cool if elena becomes a vampire!!!I saw pictures of episode 22 and there was a picture where elena hold hands with DAMON!!!!I HOPE ELENA DOESN’T CHOOSE DAMON OVER STEFAN!!!BECAUSE STEFAN AND ELENA ARE CUTE TOGETHER!

  13. Haleigh says:

    Felicia is completely right. However, Elena does not have any of Damon’s blood in her at this point and in the books she already did, as well as Stefan’s blood. There is suppose to be a car crashing in this episode, so if they stay true to the books it makes sense 100% that Elena dies!

  14. Denise Stoltenberg says:

    The car crash in this episode involves Caroline, Matt and Tyler, not Elena. The producers said long ago they have no intentions of having Elena turned at any time in the foreseeable future. The series has not followed the books much at all, except as a basic jumping off point to spin different storylines. They are very different.

    My guess for deaths in this episode would be Mayor Lockwood and Anna for the recurring characters. Perhaps, Jeremy for the main character, or Jenna. Jenna’s death would set up interesting storylines for Season 2 since that would make John Elena and Jeremy’s legal guardian.

    I do not think they’ll kill John. They need a protagonist for Stefan and Damon. I don’t think they’ll kill Bonnie either because it would just be too disappointing to not give her character a chance to redeem herself.

    All I know is they say the deaths are final and that they won’t be coming back as vampires or what have you.

  15. Alice says:

    I agree with kayleigh, I want Elena to be with Stefan, not Damon and I hope John dies, I hate him. But I don’t want Anna or Jeremy to die, I want to see how their relationship evolves.
    I would be so cool if the next seasons were like the books, especially The Return, when Elena, Bonnie, Meridith, and Damon go rescue Stefan in the Other World. But so far the TV show has not followed the events in the book, like Denise said.

  16. AyleenCullen says:



  17. aaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    i know it needs to be bonnie!!! but i hate elena she is soo ugly

  18. rolooollloo says:


  19. marmdullet says:

    john or bonnie or elena or stefan!! as long as damon dosnt die i dont care! :D <3

  20. marmdullet says:

    alice i know exactly wat u mean! the show shouldnt even be caled the vampire diaries it has not had one thing from the book! the show copies twilight not the books! the only thing that keeps it from being twilight is damon!! TEAM EDWARD AND DAMON FOREVER!!! :D stefan and taylor lautner can die!!! :)

  21. marmdullet says:

    LOL!! :D

  22. VickyCalvin says:

    I think it will be tyler who dies and if it follows the books it will be tyler and elena but it doesnt so i highly doubt elena will die and i really hope jeremy doesnt hes hotttt and elena shouldnt lose more

  23. SamanthaVentimiglia says:

    i think elena is going to get in a car accident becasue thats what happens in the books but this show is not like the books…so my guess is that elena dies and becomes a vampire:)

  24. rebecca says:

    i no who it is ^_^its………..anna she burns in a basment with other vampires.

  25. Micky says:

    Well i hope its not Elena, Stefan or Damon. Damon btw is sooo hot, i hope its caroline cos she is and awful person, but bonnie her betrayal is unforgivable. She only wants the best for elena,, as do John and Elena’s mother, but the best fir elena is having the Salvators in her life.
    P.S. Do damon and elena get together? :) :) :D

  26. damonsgirl189 says:

    lol i agree with marmdulett and haha rebeca ure right!!!!! i think it sshouldve been john

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