New Stills from the Episode – Lost Girls

5 Responses to “New Stills from the Episode – Lost Girls”


  1. Elizabeth says:

    Well, Nina Dobrev looks really pretty in a classical gown . . . Paul Wesley looks really good in his outfit too but Ian Somerhalder looks . . . not that good as Ian in that outfit. He’s to gorgeous for that outfit but Stefan look gorgeous and looks good.

  2. NeverNoticing says:

    Seriously agree!! Paul looks soooo good, but Ian…not so much.

  3. Steph says:

    HOT! HOT! HOT! OMg that is the best pic ever they all look so good i love Nina’s dress its soo classic i love it and the boys well they speak for themselves lol

  4. Elena says:

    Well If i had to choose it would be stefan always is .
    Ian looks hilarious, and is looking like a wanna be.
    Stefan ia a hottie x10 hes beautiful no matter wat he looks lyk. hes #1.

  5. Ashleigh (Team Damon!) says:

    Sooooo hot! I love Damon so much. Go team Damon!

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