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  1. Jay says:

    I know some woman like the ‘bad boys’, but Damon comes off as being a butt. It’s all about him, and that’s a drag. I enjoy Stefan’s character, he’s really struggling to be good. That makes him sexier with an edge. And I love how you can see the emotions in his face. I like guys to have a soft side and show it from time to time, and Stefan shows this. Don’t get me wrong Damon is handsome, but Stefan has style all his own. TEAM STEFAN~

  2. JessC. says:

    I like Damon but it always seems to have to be about him. That definitely makes him a Butt!! Stafan is totally atleast trying to be a good guy, and that is totally sexy! Also love Stefan’s face, and he has better hair :D

  3. kelly01 says:

    I love Stefan, Damon is hot, yeah… very hot, but i prefer good vampire….

    Stefan is like Edward, yep my Twilighter soul is in love with good, sexy looking vampires…

  4. NeverNoticing says:

    I love Edward and all but you seriously need a bad vampire in your life!! Damon is VERY sexy, he also can have a soft side he just has a hard time showing it. Team DAMON all the way!!!

  5. dakotta says:

    okay hi
    first off i would like to ask some questions
    1.who is merdith and does she have powers or do anything thats is impotant in the book
    2. does bonnie end up going out with damon
    3.does elana fall for damon and stephan why and how and who is she going out with now
    4.who did katherine love
    5.does damon love elana and does he ever go out with her
    if some one could please anwser my questions i would be verey gratfull :) thankx

  6. Stefanlover says:

    I enjoy Stefan’s character, he’s really struggling to be good. That makes him sexier with an edge. And I love how you can see the emotions in his face. I like guys to have a soft side and show it from time to time, and Stefan shows this. Don’t get me wrong Damon is handsome, but Stefan has style all his own. TEAM STEFAN~

  7. dakotta says:

    hello can some one plz anwser my question s thank u

  8. Lulu says:

    Stefan does not have an edge just because he is struggling. He does not have an edge at all because he is way too sweet and nice and Mr. Right Guy and spends all his time self-loathing. That is SO not interesting. He is actually kind of boring. It is not sexy hating yourself and what you are and regretting everything that happened to you in life. Damon accepts what happened to him and lives by it. He is a vampire, and he lives like one! You cant blame a vampire for eating. It’s like blaming a human being for eating meat.

    Loving Damon or being on Team Damon is not only about liking a bad boy. It goes much more beyond that. Damon is a fantastic character, and I applaud L.J. Smith for writing such an amazing character. He is multi-layeres and multi-dimensional and SO deep that youdont even understand, but he hides it extremely well. But his human side comes out in little pieces, for a few seconds before he regains his facade.
    Damon has been deeply in love and he had been hurt SO bad, that he couldnt even let it go after 150 years. And whatever he says or does, he loves his little brother because he is all that he has left, and he would not hurt him in a way that kills him. Stefan must have done something really extremely hurtful to Damon for him to carry such a grudge for all those years and it cant only be Katherine.

    So, yes I am on Team Damon, anytime, any day and any minute.

  9. noelle says:

    i conpletely and utterly agree with u lulu! i couldnt have described it better myself. damon is somebody who has been deeply hurt by his bro to a point where he couldnt come back from it. he is the victim here! stefen is just some self-loathing loser who seriously needs to accept that life is unfair! and sorry to get off topic but am i the only one who noticed that eleina is a lil too whiny?

  10. vicki says:

    i think they r both really hottttt i cant choose

  11. vicki says:

    1. meridith is just friends with elena, and i believe no powers at all.
    2.i don’t believe bonnie goes out with damon, but the last book i read makes it seems to make u believe she does.
    3. no elena doesn’t fall for damon, she thinks damon is a butt.she falls for stefan all the way!y because she is dron to him,he’s a better person.
    4.she fall for both, thets y the fight so much.
    5.yes damon does, but they never end up together.

  12. Loli Ruiz says:

    I am team stefan, idk, i just think he’s a sweety and i love him with elena. but damon is a very interesting character and damon/elena are sexier ^_^

  13. brend a says:

    i would like both

  14. Damonist says:

    I so agree with you Lulu! Couldn’t say it better than that.

    Stefan is so boring and I would so not like to watch the show with only Stefan and Elena all the time, that would piss me off. To see the good in Damon is a very special thing and I don’t just love him because he’s sexy (which is just facts) and evil. There is just something with him that makes him interesting, it’s is the opposite to the predictable Stefan.


  15. tina says:

    i am team stefan becuz i am a twilight fan too and i feel that elena needs someone that is more realistic and someone who has compassion..damon might have been hurt but he shouldnt still be and if he wanted someone in his life he would have already went out and found one instead of waiting around…elena and stefan are an awesum couple who understand each other and if elena wanted to be damon should would have already..also, she saved stefan’s life so it counts for something

  16. andrea says:

    Damon always and forever no matter what

  17. isa says:

    yer so right andrea! DAMON always :)

  18. hot s says:

    damon and elena are just freaking sexyyyyyyy
    and stefan is boooooooooooring!!

  19. latinbeauty says:

    cmon guys! stafan elena really are yucky together.
    if not for damon… i wouldnt bother watch this show…DAMON ALL THE ******* WAY!!

  20. callmedrlove says:

    damon 4 sure

  21. Nicole :) says:

    Damon is unbelieveably SEXY I don’t see why you wouldn’t like him!!!! And besides he is nice, just some people won’t open their eyes enough to see that!!!! You should read the books he is such a sweet heart in the last one (the last one that I know of so far)

  22. Nicole :) says:

    Damon Salvator (A.K.A. Ian Somerhalder), please if you will CALL ME!!!!! Nicole+Damon= Loooooooooooveeeee!!!

  23. sara (vamp luver) says:

    i feel torn they r both amazing i want a mixture of both damons dark side and stefans sweet loving side LUV VAMPIRES 4 EVER!!!

  24. mars says:

    UGH. Hate Stefan. If Damon didn’t exist, I wouldn’t watch the show. Things weren’t even remotely interesting before Damon showed up! The good, wholesome love bit between Stefan and Elena? Give me a break! GAG! Damon seems a lot more complicated and real.

  25. mars says:

    And Stefan is SUCH a whiner!!!! EWWWW. I like my boys a little tough. Stefan seems like he would cry if he broke a nail!

  26. titus says:

    lovely attitude..great character…team DAMON all the way :)

  27. MP says:

    I Think Katherine Loves Stefan !
    And I Think Elena Will Go Out With Damon !!!
    Damon Looks So Hot !! I Just Love Him …

  28. V.D says:

    Damon for sure, i hate the typical “good doing” vampire. Damon is so much better for elena, although i want him to be with bonnie. In the books bonnie and damon have a thing, and it would be so good if they could get together in the television series. (: To be honest i dont want Elena to get damon or stefen, she cant go playing with both.
    I love Somerhalder, he’s such an amazing actor, truley great. :) Being super sexy was just a coincidence. (:

  29. Wahinetoa says:


    He’s sorta the Angel to Damons/Spike. Love both for different reasons. Damon for his darkness and antagonistic chemsitry with Mystic Falls sweet witch. :) And Stefan, because despite of the darkness – he fights for what is right.

    If there’s a team to be on – it’s his. <3

  30. Tina says:

    Yes, Damon was pretty much being a butt throughout most of the season. But by establishing a friendship with Elena, Damon’s character gradually developed throughout the show and started showing some sign of his humanity. I feel that Stefan and Elena’s love for each other is something that derived from infatuation. Their love for each other came on too strong and too fast. They barely got to know one another.

    Damon, on the other hand, probably already acknowledged that Elena looked exactly like Katherine since the beginning. But that seemed indifferent to him. He was still not interested in her romantically until the chemistry and the bond they share together grew stronger. Damon didn’t interest himself in Elena because of her physical appearance, it was her goodness that touched him and helped him redeemed some of his humanity that drew him to her. I’m not sure about the trust between Elena and Stephan. Stephan did lie to Elena about his addiction to human blood. People mistakenly think that the rapport between Elena and Damon would only be lust and infatuation, and Elena/Stephan being “true love”. I think it’s the opposite. Stephan and Elena’s love seems to fit into the infatuation category because of how fast they fell in love and the lack of development prior to the relationship. Damon and Elena could possibly build a relationship based on true love because they took the time to gradually build a rapport and establish trust in each other. Furthermore, as they take the time to get to know each other, they start discovering each other’s true nature. Just like Elena who is discovering that Damon has a good and human side to him (which she brought out). Therefore, this would fit in well with the concept of “true love”.

    Stephan is trying so hard to be perfect, a “vegan” vampire, a good boyfriend, going on the football team, etc. But this perfection also led him to lying about his human blood addiction to not taint his image.

    So everybody isn’t perfect, I don’t know why Damon being “bad” has to rule him out from being considered a good partner. He was acting the way he was because of his hurtful past. Anybody with life experience would understand him (Just like Ian Somerhalder, he said he could relate to Damon through the painful and angry experiences he’s been through in life). In fact, I think this complex character gives more reason why Damon should end up with Elena.


  31. cassie says:


  32. Shalia says:

    TEAM DAMON NOW AND FOREVER!!!!!! its just something about his character that i can’t get enough of… i know that he is a total bad ass but a second later he can turn around and be that sweetheart that you been looking for… don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with stefan.. he is just more sweet than bad…. when the series first began and viewers were just getting to see all of these different characters and the Salvatore brothers… how stefan was the nice and sweet new boy at school and damon was the long lost bad ass brother that wanted to kill everybody, but then you get into the middle of the season and you start to figure out some things about each brother that is when i chose TO BE TEAM DAMON THE FOOL ME ONE EPISODE IS WHEN I STARTED TO FALL IN LOVE WITH HIS CHARACTER AND WHEN VIEWERS STARTED TO SEE HIM FALL FOR ELENA!!!! he had the chance in that episode to compel elena but he didn’t do it and the way he did drew me closer to his character… like this past week’s episode he had the chance to compel her again but he didn’t because he wanted her to have the will to listen and she actually did and he did not compel her until afterwards… was it because he wanted her to forget about the confession he just told her or was it something else? and it;s that one face expression that he makes me fall for his character all over again when one side of his face is sad while the other half of his face is confused that is my favorite expression with him…. i really do think that elena should date damon and its not because i am on his team but they should… and no i do not think that stefan is boring he is just not exictiting and interesting as damon…. damon character has a good heart just like stefan but damon’s emotions are his weakness and sometimes get the best of him… stefan has a good heart but the blood is his weakness and he is starting to overcome that weakness… GO TEAM DAMON!!!!

  33. amber says:

    i completly agree with lulu and noelle and all the DAMON fans!!!
    there is just something about him yea he can be a jerk at times but there is sooo much good in him ! :)


    and yes noelle elaina is way too whiny for me i cant handle it!

  34. :) says:

    Dakkota: 1. merideth was left out of the show, she is bonnie and elena bff in the book she has no powers. 2. no, bonnie does not go out with damon, 3. Elena loves them both but it will always be stefan, 4. katherine never loved eithe of them haha. 5. and damon dosnt get to go out wih her she is stupid and he deserves BETTER!!(: TEM DAMON AND BELLA SWAN!!! :) <3

  35. Cheyenne says:

    I reckon that Damon and Bonnie might actually sleep together. You know, in the hate sex kind of way. They’ve definitely got chemistry.

  36. behi says:

    i love damon
    damon is so pretty and sexy
    but steafan not…

  37. behi says:

    I Love so much Damon

  38. Zahra says:

    just Damon .

  39. justine says:


  40. non yall says:

    ok just cuz damon has a bad boy attitude it dosent mean he looks better than stephan were askin whos hot not who has the hottest attitude i say stephan has a better lookin face n knows how to dress

  41. i love damon says:

    damon has a better lookin face

  42. nunyall says:

    well i least stefan looks like a human damon looks like a dog with long hair thats y hes jealous of stefan n thats y katherin n elena choose stefan ha

  43. Val says:

    Team Damon. Steffan is way too perfect, I don’t really buy it. I want someone who is interesting and dynamic, with both a good and bad side. Besides, Steffan is so boring.

    Also, for those who justify their choice for Steffan because of Edward, isn’t Jacob really the better choice for Bella. Edward has a dark side, that’s what makes him hot in the books.

    Tean Deleana!

  44. nunyall says:

    like i said if u chose damon cuz of the way he acts or his eyes that dosent count stefan has a way better lookin face ok

  45. nunyall says:

    i hate wen people say damon is really hurtin well damon is a grown man get over it hes being n asshole to everyone else

  46. nunyall says:

    tell ur boyfriends to act like damon n asshole n badboy n see if u guys last together

  47. Danelle says:

    Woah. I’m Team Delena, for so many reasons, but I will not be telling. Have you ever wondered that Stelena fans, when they comment, they state thier oppinion short and child-like? How thier all like, “Stefan is sweet!” And more of like, “Stefan, becuase he’s such a nice guy!” Have you EVER noticed how he delibertly LIED to Elena about his blood problem? Also, for your information, noticed that Damon always told what he felt, while Little boy, Stefan, kept his feelings to himself? He’s been living for over a hundred years for god’s sake! He should know the concept that yes, life is hard, and yes, you make mistakes, but your a frickin vampire! Vampire’s are the type of creature that feed on blood! Now, would you think that Stefan is *perfect*? You can’t act like a angel, when your really not! Damon belongs with Elena, because she brings out the light!

  48. kelly says:

    no thinking required TEAM DAMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don’t get me wrong steffan is hot and kind to elena. but i totally love damons bad boy image.he acts all tough. And inside he has feelings/a heart. overall i wish i was elena.

  49. nunyall says:

    um danile dats bullcrap cuz i see dat people write that they like damon cuz hes a bad boy like wtf dats not eeven a resaon to like someone so huh ur just mad cuz stefan rules deal with it

  50. Kat says:

    IM TEAM DAMON ALL THE WAY! stefan is just too boring i mean he doesn’t hav a sense of humor and he is just too stiff. damon on the other hand is HOT, SEXY, FUNNY, AND CHARMING!!! He is the character that makes people want to keep watching the show to see what he does next. TEAM DELENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. laura barrette says:

    Damon has a sexy body

  52. Somegirl says:

    Just saw a comment here about dating a “bad guy” like Damon and let me tell you…I have and I married him. We have our times where we disagree on things but that’s a RELATIONSHIP. I would hate to have a guy where I tell him to jump and he does it like nothing. NEWSFLASH: I’m not always right and I would like for someone who loves me to tell me that I’m not! Yes everyone says my husband is a butt and all that and yes he can be lol He’s very sarcastic, conceited, honest! etc, all Damon qualities and he had a bad life before (not gonna go into details) but he’s the biggest sweetheart behind closed doors and that makes me feels special to know that I bring this out of him and get to see it and ONLY I get to see it. I love it. Same as Damon, Elena brings that out of him and she really saves him in that part. They’re good for each other. Yes me and my husband are all for Damon lol He loves the fact that there is a character at last like him! lol

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