Extended promo and clip from episode 4 – Family Ties

One Response to “Extended promo and clip from episode 4 – Family Ties”


  1. Elena says:

    Omg If Stefan and Elena break up ill be soooooo mad!!!
    And if Elena hooks up with Damon Gawd Ill scream!!!!
    The way it should be is Stefan And Elena… Just them no one else. Those two are a perfect couple and they should always stay together like in the books. Damon is a complete Jerk. He’ll never hurt Elena becuase he cares for her, But Elena is Stefans, No one elses. Stefan, go after her and tell her everything, shes the love of your life and thats who you love and you need to tell her everything, she’ll understand becuase she loves you too. They R ment to be together forever!!!!!


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