TV Chick has an interview with Mia Kirshner.

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Here is an excerpt:

Presuming she does come back, which I hope she does, what do you want to see from Isobel going forward?

I think I’d like her to go head-to-head with Katherine one day. I think that would be fantastic. I would like to see the full scope of her power. I think ultimately she wants to be in charge. So, how she’s going to do that I’m not sure. But yeah, I think I’d to see more of that. And I’d like to see more elements of her past and then the present day. Like where she was and what her influences are and why she is the way she is. And I’d like to see — for me, what was really important, which you don’t see that much in this episode — but something that I want in the character is the humanity. I think that’s what makes her even more seductive.

This new still, posted by @LilMissX, is our first look at Mia Kirshner as Isobel who is Alaric’s wife.

I can’t wait to find out her story!!!

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Mia Kirshner joins The Vampire Diaries. She will be playing Alaric’s wife.

Read the entire article here for details. (Caution Spoilers)

Here are some juicy details on her character:

While it’s true she’s playing Isobel, the wife of Matt Davis’ ridiculously named schoolteacher character Alaric, she might already not be of this world…

According to my sources, Kirshner will appear on the series beginning Jan. 21, but her scenes won’t be in present-day. They will be in flashbacks because her character Isobel is already dead.

And you’ll never guess who killed her. No really, go ahead, try! Though my sources have asked me not to spoil the big twist outright, suffice it to say that Isobel died at the hands of a main (hot) character we already know. (Did I mention hot?)

Wow, this sounds like it is gonna be awesome!!!


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