Matt Davis talked with Wetpaint about his new show coming soon called Cult.

Check out what he has to say about the show here.
Below is an excerpt:

“It’s not supernatural, which is great. It’s purely psychological,” Davis tells Wetpaint Entertainment. As investigative journalist Jeff Sefton, Davis will head to the set of a hit show called Cult in an attempt to find his missing brother, Nate. Jeff isn’t all that similar to Alaric, Davis tells us.“He’s a journalist; he’s tonally very different than Alaric. The burden is very different. The purpose is very different, so it will be fun to facilitate a different role than Alaric,” he says.

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Read a description of the show at The CW.

The Insider has an interview with Matt Davis.
He talks about Alaric and his new show Cult which will be coming to The CW this fall.
Check it all out here.

Below is an excerpt:

“There couldn’t have been a better way to make this character go out,” Matt told me at this morning’s CW Upfront in NYC. “I loved it so much on multiple levels. Not only how I said goodbye as a character but to the co-workers who became friends. It was nice for Alaric to break out and show a villainous side to him. I’m so happy with it.”

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Spoiler via EW:

I’ve really loved everything you posted from your visit to Atlanta. But I’m hoping you got SOMETHING on Alaric while there because [last night’s] cliff-hanger was intense. They’re not killing off Alaric, right? Hoping for good news… — Adriana

Well, when I spoke with Matt Davis on set, they were in the process of filming episode [CAN’T SAY], but perhaps this rough-cut video of our interview will provide a little insight. Quick summary for those who can’t watch the video I’ve embedded: Davis wanted a juicy arc for Alaric, and he’s got one! But whether or not last night’s episode is the beginning or end of said arc, is the question… (Also, if you use context clues, it’s probably not that hard to figure out what episode they are filming, but you might have to put some pieces together from my past reports from the set. I mean, I could just tell you. But that’s no fun.)

Check out the video interview with Matt at EW
It is located at the bottom of the article!

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