Thursday, May 3, 2012

Season Finale Scoop!

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E! Online has scoop on what we can expect come the season 3 finale of The Vampire Diaries!

WARNING: if you do not like to be spoiled it would be best to stay clear of reading the following!

“The Departed” will flash back to the night Elena’s parents drove off the Wickery Bridge—and executive producer Julie Plec assures us that no supernatural elements factored into their death. “This episode isn’t about peeling back a layer of the mythology onion. We actually will get a little flash of something else that happened during that time, that we never even really considered, and it’s more of an emotional thing than it is a suspense thing,” she says. On the love triangle side of things, Ian Somerhalder reveals to us that the “losing” brother agrees to leave Mystic Falls after Elena makes her choice.

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