Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Still and article on Episode 7 – Haunted

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PopWatch has an article on episode 7 of The Vampire Diaries titled Haunted with this new still of Vicki and Elena all dressed up for Halloween.

They talk all about the episode. Read the entire article here to get more details. (SPOILERS)

Here is an excerpt:

But it’s not that simple, of course—and the nature of Halloween doesn’t help. “The school does an awesome haunted house Halloween party, where the parking lot is decorated and the whole interior hallway of the school is this cool, creepy haunted house,” Plec tells EW. “And all the action of the episode culminates there when you’ve got people in vampire costumes running around. You’ve got monsters and demons and, as everything with Vicki comes to a head, as she fights off her urges to feed, we’re in this haunted house and we’re at this Halloween party, and the s— hits the fan, as they say.”

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