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Driving down a dark road on the way back from a concert, Brooke and Darren discuss the events of the evening. Suddenly out of nowhere, a man appears in the middle of the road. Swerving off the road, Darren still ends up hitting the man. Telling Brooke to call 911, Darren steps out of the […]

The Night of the Comet

In the woods, a couple are snuggling in a tent. Deciding he needs to get something from the car, the man leaves. Hearing a dripping sound on the tent, the lady goes out to check it out. Seeing that it’s her boyfriend in a tree and he is dripping blood from a vicious wound, she […]

Friday Night Bites

Waking up frightened, Caroline tries to sneak off to look at her neck. Damon suddenly appears in front of her. Not knowing what to do, Caroline begins to throw anything she can get her hands on at him. With fast reflexes, Damon avoids all the objects. Fangs appearing, Damon lunges for Caroline. Bonnie warns Elena […]

Family Ties

Waking up suddenly after having a strange dream, Stefan spots Damon watching him. Damon informs Stefan that he plans on sticking around. Damon also tells Stefan that he fixed the situation with all the “animal attack” victims. He has everyone now believing it was a mountain lion that did all the attacks and it was […]

You’re Undead To Me

Weakened from the Verbena, Damon wakes up in the basement. Stefan is there to inform him that he intends to keep him there until he becomes almost a corpse or a “undead” corpse. Then he will transfer him to the family burial plot where he will spend eternity. Elena gets a shock when she enters […]

Lost Girls

Flashing back to the year 1864, Stefan remembers the time he first met Katherine. She was a guest arriving for a long stay at their home. Returning to present time, Stefan opens the door to find Elena and not Katherine standing there. Suspecting that she knows in her heart what Stefan is, she demands that […]


Finishing up football practice, Tyler gets a surprise when he sees Vicky sitting in the back seat of his car. He doesn’t know what to do or think when she keeps telling him she can’t control herself and that she is so hungry. Baring her fangs, Vicky lunges for Tyler but he is saved just […]

162 Candles

While reading a book, Stefan gets the sensation that someone is near. Rising, he looks around to see who’s there. Still not seeing anyone, he turns around and gets a big surprise. It is his oldest and dearest friend Lexi. She is a 350 year old Vampire but really only looks 18. The two have […]

History Repeating

Bonnie is scared when she wakes from what she thought was a dream and finds herself at the ruins of the old Fell’s Church”. She senses that her relative “Emily” keeps trying to tell her something and feels that they necklace has a lot to do with it. At school, Caroline is annoyed when she […]

The Turning Point

Logan is frustrated when he finds that he can’t convince Jenna to invite him into the house. Leaving, he comes across a jogger and luckily for him is also a fan of his. Fangs bared, he sinks his teeth deep into her throat to quench his new ravenous thirst. While looking through old boxes of […]


After her car swerves off the road and rolls over to avoid a mysterious man in the road, Elena tries hard to escape from her seat belt. Lying there helpless, Elena begins to get scared when she sees the man get up and straightened his broken body. He begins to walk towards her but thankfully, […]


The Vampire Diaries Episode Twelve Synopsis, Pictures & Soundtrack Not knowing who the mysterious Vampire is that Elena hit with her car, Stefan has her and her friends wear jewelry that have verbena in it. At home, Jeremy answers the door and sees it’s the pizza guy. Asking him to come in to get paid, […]

Children of the Damned

The Vampire Diaries Episode Thirteen Synopsis, Pictures & Soundtrack Mystic Falls 1864, finds Katherine playing the damsel in distress to a unsuspecting carriage passing by. Seeing a man lying in the road and thinking he needs help, the coach stops. Katherine immediately grabs the gentleman from the coach and begins to feed on him. Damon, […]

Fool Me Once

The Vampire Diaries Episode Fourteen Synopsis, Pictures & Soundtrack Waking up, Elena is surprised to see that she is in a motel room. Seeing Ben asleep, Elena tries to quietly walk to the door. Elena manages to unlock the door and almost has the again off when Ben suddenly appears. Trying to compel her, he […]

A Few Good Men

The Vampire Diaries Episode Fifteen Synopsis, Pictures & Soundtrack An unsuspecting Hiker stumbles upon Harper in the woods. Little does he know that Harper is a very hungry Vampire recently awakened from a long sleep. Harper seems confused about where he is and what year it is. The hiker tries to help him but realizes […]

There Goes The Neighborhood

The Vampire Diaries Episode Sixteen Synopsis, Pictures & Soundtrack At Miss Gibbons farm house, the Vampires that were released from the tomb are all trying to adjust to the new circumstances they now find themselves in. With Pearl teaching them how to text and Anna showing them how to work the remote control to the […]

Let The Right One In

The Vampire Diaries Episode Seventeen Synopsis, Pictures & Soundtrack A dark storm has arrived in Mystic Falls. Waking up to the storm, Elena gets up to shut her window. Alone in his room, Jeremy talks with Anna. He tries to convince her to turn him into a Vampire. Anna still refuses him. At the Gibbons […]

Under Control

The Vampire Diaries Episode Eighteen Synopsis, Pictures & Soundtrack Stefan tries hard to keep his hunger for human blood with the help of exercise and alcohol. Of course, Damon is no help at all. He leaves the room and forgets his half glass of blood. Stefan fights his desire to drink it when Damon comes […]

Miss Mystic Falls

The Vampire Diaries Episode 19 Synopsis, Pictures & Soundtrack Stefan pulls in his sleek classic sports car at Mystic Falls High and draws the attention of many students. One of them being Elena. Giving him a hug, Elena notices that he is in a very good mood. She asks him if he is over drinking […]

Blood Brothers

The Vampire Diaries Episode 20 Synopsis, Pictures & Soundtrack Locked up in the cell, Stefan begins to flash back to when he and Damon tried to save Catherine. The mob had dragged Catherine off and locked her in the wagon. Seeing a chance, he and Damon approached the wagon and released Catherine. During this time, […]


The Vampire Diaries Episode 21 Synopsis, Pictures & Soundtrack Alaric is still in shocked to be seeing his wife Isobel. Of course, Isobel doesn’t seem to really care. She tells him that she wanted to become a Vampire. Isobel also wants Alaric to arrange a meeting between her and Elena. Alaric tells her no and […]

Founder’s Day

The Vampire Diaries Episode 22 Synopsis, Pictures & Soundtrack It’s the day of the Founder’s Day celebration and Elena is getting tied into her corset. Dressed in her period costume makes her look exactly like Katherine. Arriving at the town hall, Elena sees Stefan who is also dressed in his period costume. Damon approaches Stefan […]