Michael Tweets Diaries Pic

  1. Desy says:

    Whoa that loooks awesome!!!

  2. NeverNoticing says:

    Wow!!! I see a wolf..I’m sooo excited for the next season! !

  3. jo love vamps says:

    WWWWoooWWWW!!! a wolf …it’s awesome…i’m so excited ..i want season II….WoW again

  4. CARMIE says:

    Does the wolf have anything to do with what happens in the 2nd season…that’s the question I’m asking myself right now. What is secret is the Lockwood family hiding?

  5. StefansGirl says:

    @CARMIE: if you read the books then you know the secret!!!

  6. Brooke says:

    @Carmie.. Wait you dont know the secret!? Did you watch the final episode of Season 1?? The books also explain it too.

  7. Wahinetoa says:

    Cannot.wait! 😀