The CW To Adapt L.J. Smith Series Secret Circle?

  1. Lisa Clark says:

    The Secret Circle is 4 books, and it is very good. It is about witches instead of vampires.

  2. Vampire Girl says:

    I never read them but they seem good….so i hope they go through with the show

  3. Bite_moi says:

    I have them but i never read them.. should i?

  4. Vamp Girl says:

    @Bite_moi: I think you should read them I mean I’ve never read them but none of us would have ever loved the vampire diaries sooo much if we hadn’t read the books first. the books are what started the show.

  5. TeamDamon says:

    That’s true (: thanks!! I’ll read them!!!

  6. Courtney says:

    I read them, they were really good. NOT as good as Vampire Diaries, but still a good read

  7. TeamDamon says:

    Now I’m deffinatly going to read them!!!! (:

  8. TeamDamon says:

    By the way..I’m bitemoi!! My name just got switched!!!lol

  9. «3 VD says:

    I’ve only read the 1st book and it seems like an okay series. I never went back for the second book cause I didn’t think it was that important 2 read the next book. But now that it might become a show I think its time for me to go get the next book. oh and LJ Smith really knows how to write a book about love triangles and drama.
    I don’t know if anyone has read the Sweep series (by Cate T.) but that’s also a very good series and I heard that the they’re trying to make that into a tv show too. (Its also about witches). If u liked Secrete Circle then u should love Sweep.

  10. JacqieV says:

    I’ve read all the secret circle books, it’s different from the vampire diaries but still fun to read. its about witches, but its still a good story, the start is a little strange, but you should read them.

  11. BRENDA says:

    I THINK I MIGHT READ them i see them at the library

  12. Maggie says:

    I have read them ALL about 4 times and I also own them all. There are amazing!! 🙂 L.J.Smith is my favorite authors 🙂

  13. Kelly Black says:

    I loved the books and was just thinking today that I would love for them to be a show or movies. So I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Hopefully it will be as good as T.V.D. because I am totally addicted and definitely apart of the love triangle. Team Damon and Stefan!!

  14. Nikki Bohannon says:

    I read the books they were rally good. I think they would make an awesome show!! They are about witches! (guys and girls)

  15. Miki says:

    i love the books and it would make a great show if they stuck to the books of course

  16. Miki says:

    mine too maggie

  17. Paigers616 says:

    I could never get into this particular series… I preferred the Sweep series by Cate Tiernan. It is so similar it hurts. But CW has a way of making books I don’t like work on screen… so if the acting is good and they don’t get all cheesy and campy on us (unless it’s good campy, like in the buffy-ish vein) then it should be great 🙂 I’m just glad witches are finally back on my screen!!