Vampire Diaries Calendar Giveaway

  1. TeamDamon says:

    Dammit! I’m in Canada!!!!!!

  2. TeamDamon says:

    But im going to enter anyway 😛

  3. Wahinetoa says:

    Re:TeamDamon.. lol. Go for it! I’m in NZ, and I srsly know they’re not gonna let me get away with it… but no harm in tryin’ 😉

  4. TeamDamon says:

    I agree… it should be open to everyone!!!

  5. Rebecca says:

    i love the vampire diaries sooooooooo much it is my fave show!

  6. Rebecca says:

    im in victoria im entering too!

  7. KIM K says:

    I’d love a chance to win this calendar.. I’d probably take it to work since I’m here all day!

  8. KIM K says:

    when does the contest close?

  9. Peyton says:

    On Dec. 1st.

  10. Peyton says:

    I really want that calendar! =)

  11. Damonz#1Gurl says:

    damon iz the HOTTEST actor ever onscreen and off!!!!

  12. jeny says:

    i love damon he turn me into a vampire anytime.

  13. stefan&damonlover says:

    i love damon and stefan they are so SEXY but nina is the sexiests gurl in the show

  14. sweet_angel says:

    You better be happy you live at least near the USA! I’m stuck in Germany and believe me, that just sucks!!!
    But hey, I’m gonna enter, maybe I got lucky…

  15. breonna says:

    damn damon is sooooooo sexy come see me baby u make me happy

  16. KIM K says:

    Has a winner been chosen/contacted yet?

  17. Maryann says:

    I love watching damon on tv and dvd. I have a t-shirt of damon and my wallpaper on my phone is damon. Yes, I would love him to turn me into a vampire.