The Vampire Diaries First Season Report Card: A+

  1. Roxana Paola. says:

    hello! The vampire diaries is the best. I love the series but I like the actors and their impossible love. I would love to know by twitter. I am Roxana Paola have 16 years and I would love to connect with me.

  2. TEAM ANNA says:

    thats wat i thought too. but i saw wrong. THE FIRST SEASON WAS SOOOOOOOOOO BEAST! 🙂

  3. SweetDamon says:

    yea i totally agree with that article! vampire diaries ist the best! can’t wait for season 2 in september!!!!! 🙂
    TEAM DAMON!!!!! 🙂

  4. LuvinVampiresDiaries says:

    OMG the first season was the BEST EVER. i also thought it was gonna be like Twilight n im a massive fan of The Twilight Saga, but this jus blew me away it was INCREDIBLE i’d even say better than Twilight 🙂

    i was Team Salvatore because u could not decide between Damon adn Stefan but i am TOTALLY Team Damon now he was so sweet at the end but he still keeps his bad boy appeal xxx

    I think the vampire diaries is more grown up as well (mature). IT IS AWESOME!!!!!! CAN’T WAIT FOR SEASON 2 whoo!!!!!!!

    TEAM DAMON always xxx

  5. roxxxxie says:

    omg i loved it!! it rox! i mean the acting isnt the best and it is NOTHING at all like the books and i think stefan is really bad but i love damon! most of them are alright actors! i think john is the wrost actor lol idk but TEAM DAMON!! XD no offense to anyone.

  6. teameveryoneonvd's22 says:

    TEAM DAMON. enough said. 😉

  7. lexiepaige says:

    i almost starte screaming when i thought my sweet damon was gonna die in the fire!! :(( i love the show tho!

  8. stefi says:

    dami baby come home