Damon and Stefan Vampire Diaries T-Shirts

  1. kelly says:

    i love the shirt i already bought 3 each wwwwwwoooooo!!!!!!

  2. kelly says:

    such cute shrits

  3. rachael k says:

    hehehe i so want the team stefan one .. why cant they bring merch like that to nz ??

  4. jenna says:

    i can’t find the team damon shirt.. =(

  5. kato says:

    where can you find that t-shirt from damon

  6. tarnell says:

    i just love vampire diaries

  7. jordyn says:

    i just love vampire diaries i even have a shirt of damon that says DEATH BECOMES HIM. I got it for christmas and my favorite caractors are damon,chathrin,tyler,elana and caroline and that are the caractors that i love
    love this show

  8. kayla says:


  9. alexius says:

    where can i get t shirt